dvc About His Work

hi and welcome, this is dvc of flood. all graphics appearing on the flood-homepage were painted by me on the c64 in the time between 1993 and 1997. this does NOT mean that the ideas for the gfx also came from me. sometimes i adapted 1:1 the logostyles of other democrews. most of the pics existed as originals before i kinda converted them to the c64 using plastic patterns, which i fixed in front of my monitor to see where to set the pixels properly (especially the hi-res pics) ... if you feel disturbed about these circumstances just send me a mail and i'll take care of removing the concerned parts from this page.
my adress: dvc(at)jtxa(dot)de

(oh, and by the way visit my home by clicking here)


you can use all pix for your own works or just as an inspiration. also check out our one and only demo called

"in your memory".
(download here!)

signed dvc of flood.

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