Device's Pictures

applewater (1.367 Bytes) the water background was inspired by japanese anime-style.

experience (1.080 Bytes) the adapted style of the old "prodigy"-logo.

anime (4.858 Bytes) "battle angel alita" is available as manga-series.

mountain (3.120 Bytes) the mountains of "erebus".

harlekin (1.265 Bytes) done in 10 minutes.

psyfreak (4.810 Bytes) screenshot of a game-project which was never released.

snowboarder (2.819 Bytes) the logo of vision-snowboards in multicolor. also available in hires.

bart_sim (3.318 Bytes) guess who it is.

trance_face (2.040 Bytes) trance face.

raving (4.462 Bytes) raving.

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