Device's HiRes-Pictures

extra1 (2.329 Bytes) this pic was taken from the ken ishii's video "extra"

extra2 (4.217 Bytes) same as above

hitomi (2.136 Bytes) taken from masamune shirow's comic book "appleseed". the name of the charakter is "hitomi".

wald (2.285 Bytes) character taken from ranma 1 1/2

sweet (1.780 Bytes) this is taken from a record by the german techno artist "sweet reinhard" aka reinhard voigt aka pentax aka sturm aka s.r.i. aka part of the techno project "forever sweet". pictograms like these were used on all record artworks of the "profan"-label so far.

fascism (1.977 Bytes) against fascism

anarchic (2.572 Bytes) the logo of "anarchic"-clothing company

venom (4.835 Bytes) "venom"-artwork by marvel-comics

snowboarder (2.339 Bytes) the logo of vision-snowboards in hires. also available in multicolor.

blonde (2.691 Bytes) pop art by roy lichtenstein

battle_mech (7.955 Bytes) taken from a report in the "asm"-magazine about the battle-tech center, chicago (north pier shopping mall)

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